Tech Quest Apprenticeship is a U.S. Department of Labor-funded initiative led by Clark University, Public Consulting Group (PCG), and a national consortium of workforce development boards and training partners that will provide 4000 pre-apprenticeships and 1000 IT and IT-related apprenticeships to unemployed, underemployed, and incumbent workers over the next four years. Through these apprenticeship programs, workers will be matched with employers and receive both on-the-job and related instruction, gaining employment and increasing their wages as they improve their skills and move up the career ladder. The initiative will register at least five new technology-focused apprenticeship programsand expand at least ten existing IT-related apprenticeships into new areas. Tech Quest is an equal opportunity program fully supported by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (ETA) as part of an award totaling $11,999,771.

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