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We truly enjoyed being a strategic partner with Clark University & Tech Quest. Many of our pre-apprentices have earned certifications and entered into apprenticeship programs to further prepare them for a career in Cybersecurity.

~ Natasha and Duane Wilson, Co-Founders of WisEd

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One of the standout aspects of our partnership with TQAClark has been their commitment to continuous improvement. They have been proactive in soliciting feedback, conducting regular check-ins, and implementing changes to ensure that our collaboration continues to meet the needs of our students and our organization. This dedication to excellence has been a driving force in the success of our partnership.

We look forward to continued collaboration with Clark, as we work together to empower learners and shape the future of education. ~ Ruth

Our partnership with TQAClark has been characterized by seamless collaboration, open communication, and a shared passion for education.

TQAClark’s team of professionals has been a pleasure to work with, consistently displaying a genuine interest in understanding the unique needs and challenges of our organization. Their ability to create customized solutions for our students has allowed us to successfully navigate the evolving landscape of education and deliver innovative, engaging, and effective learning experiences. ~ Joe

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“We are entirely grateful for our partnership with Clark University. Their support has helped to equip individuals with the certifications, skills, confidence and connections to either begin a tech apprenticeship, land employment, or take additional IT training.” – John Casella, JobWorks National Director of Education & Training

Salome is an apprentice with UTP (Urban Technology Project)

Gabriel is an apprentice with UTP (Urban Technology Project)

Dewan is an apprentice with UTP (Urban Technology Project)

Jessica is an apprentice with CommHIT